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Take voluntary deals with a pinch of salt

Did someone say it was job done on salt reduction? “The UK is among the world leaders in reducing salt. More than 70% of the retail market and 65% of big high-street restaurants and contract caterers have committed to cutting levels, and we have seen average daily salt intake cut by 15% over the last…
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New calorie reduction development tool launched

THE FOOD Network Team, part of the Department of Health, has produced a Calorie Reduction Pledge Development Tool to support current and future partners to the calorie reduction pledge.                     The tool identifies the elements that constitute a good pledge and presents commitments made and actions…
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Sugar tax could tackle rising obesity

DAME SALLY DAVIES, Chief Medical Officer for England, has said that a sugar tax may have to be introduced to help reduce the rising obesity figures.                             Davies told the Health Select Committee she believed research would show sugar to be addictive…
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Thousands of tonnes of saturated fat removed from UK’s diet

MORE THAN one and a half Olympic size swimming pools of saturated fat will be removed from the nation’s diet over the next year as part of a drive to cut the amount of saturated fat in our food.   Almost half of the food manufacturing and retail industry has signed up to the Responsibility…
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Health by stealth

DINERS ARE craving indulgent treats, yet the government wants help curbing obesity. Is there a sneaky solution?                       People are eating out less, but when they do they want to treat themselves. And this has seen changes to menus and tactics. Research by Horizons and Mintel…
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Something to fear

FOODSERVICE OPERATORS are concerned about inconsistencies when it comes to nutritional labelling on menus. Footprint is therefore working with industry leaders and government on how to adapt the Responsibility Deal pledge.                   When it comes to healthier choices, customers want consistency. Clearer labelling both on packs and…
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Where next for the Responsibility Deal?

LEADING FOODSERVICE figures met on the second birthday of the governments wide-ranging health deal to discuss whether it's been a success and what challenges lie ahead. The government's Public Health Responsibility Deal is reaching a critical stage. Last month the wide-ranging deal had its second birthday and, while accurate analysis of its effect on the…
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Editor’s Comment: Which initiatives are worth their salt

THE GOVERNMENT wants us all to eat less salt. We average about 8.1g a day but the target is to cut it to 6g. There are a number of ways to achieve this.   Reformulation is one. Look at any of the top food manufacturers in the UK and they will list how many tonnes…
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