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    Rainforest Alliance and UTZ merge

    The ethical certification schemes UTZ and Rainforest Alliance will merge later this year to give them “a greater reach and a stronger voice”. “By joining forces, we will provide a leading platform to help increase consumer demand for responsibly sourced… Read More

  • The 10 big issues for 2016

    SUGAR AND supply chains, pay rises and publicity: the topics that’ll dominate the industry’s agenda in the new year.                   1 Guns stay fixed on sugar   Sugar leapfrogged salt and saturated fat… Read More

  • Poisonous frog

    THE LITTLE green frog took a bit of a kicking in a recent episode of BBC’s File on Four. The programme visited a number of tea plantations certified by the Rainforest Alliance and found underage workers, people spraying chemicals without protective… Read More

  • News review

    More Scottish food please, Bidvest sustainability update, Hospitality delivers 10% of GDP, Keep big portions out of reach, Tea certification failures….                     NFUS challenges foodservice   Scotland’s farming union will approach foodservice and catering companies… Read More

  • Message in a bottle

    Innocent MD Nick Canney talks sugar, thirsty strawberries, imperfect pineapples and staying true to its roots. By Amy Fetzer.                   Innocent is an interesting brand. It wants to be your friend, and… Read More

  • Deforestation-free claims lack accountability, says Rainforest Alliance

    A NEW Rainforest Alliance paper “Halting Deforestation and Achieving Sustainability” argues that a surge of recent deforestation-free pledges need definition, context and accountability.                 The past few months have seen a number of… Read More

  • The Rainforest Alliance Partners with the Guardian on New Follow the Frog Campaign

    THE RAINFOREST Alliance has announced a new platform for its annual Follow the Frog campaign. In partnership with the Guardian, Follow the Frog 2014 will be a 10-month integrated experience designed to foster engagement with a growing population that care… Read More

  • Benefits for Nespresso suppliers

    COFFEE FARMERS who are part of Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality Programme in Colombia have higher income levels, better living conditions and increased farm productivity, a new study suggests.     The research, carried out by independent Colombian organisation, CRECE, looked… Read More

  • Tea coalition launched

    BRITS MAY make 165 million cups of tea a day, but the nation’s favourite brew faces a number of challenges to survive. Climate change, water scarcity and competition for land use are all expected to combine to make those 165… Read More

  • Caterers to chat with tea growers

    CATERERS WILL be able to communicate directly with the communities producing their tea, thanks to a new project launched by Tetley.   To support their commitment to Rainforest Alliance, Tetley has launched a new social media initiative, facilitated by Facebook.  … Read More