Public Health Responsibility Deal

  • Charlton House makes more salt cuts two years ahead of target

    OVER 1,500 foods hit new salt reduction targets as business delivers on Government Public Health Responsibility Deal Pledge.                       On the first anniversary of its commitment to the Government’s 2017… Read More

  • 2015 Health and Vitality Honours Winners announced

    LORDS CRICKET Ground today played host to the UK’s foodservice industry, as their achievements working behind-the-scenes to improve the nation’s health and wellbeing were recognised at this year’s Health & Vitality Honours during a lunchtime ceremony.        … Read More

  • Food for thought

    WHILE THE Government’s latest Responsibility Deal pledges for salt reduction are more stringent than ever, Susan Gregory, Head of Food at Nestlé Professional, looks at why they’re only a starting point in the battle to reduce the nation’s salt intake… Read More

  • Weighty problems

    CONSUMERS ARE confused about what makes them fat so it’s no surprise a third don’t consider health when they’re eating out. That means businesses have to, but is the Responsibility Deal enough to make a difference?        … Read More

  • The fat keeps flowing

    CAMPAIGNERS SAY that politicians’ fear of the big food companies is clogging up efforts to curb obesity. Is it time for a more radical approach?                   If the opinions of our experts… Read More

  • Public Health Minister Guest Editor for Footprint Magazine

    PUBLIC HEALTH Minister, Jane Ellison, is guest editing the November issue of Footprint magazine.                   Featuring an exclusive thought leadership article on the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal, the special edition will… Read More

  • Sodexo pledges to reduce salt

    SODEXO IS one of 30 UK companies to have signed up to the Responsibility Deal Food Network’s latest salt reduction pledges.                           The targets – F9 Salt Reduction and… Read More

  • Not loving it

    LACK OF progress on the government’s high-profile public health partnership with many high-street brands means ministers may need to take a harder line.                   It’s easy to see why the Public Health… Read More

  • At sixes and sevens

    NEW RESEARCH has suggested that five-a-day guideline for fruit and veg consumption should be lifted to seven-a-day. Footprint asked foodservice experts whether it’s achievable and, if so, how. Nicky Martin is head of nutrition at Compass Group UK & Ireland… Read More

  • ‘NHS fuelling obesity’ Telegraph investigation reveals fast food outlets operating at hospitals

    AN INVESTIGATION by The Sunday Telegraph has revealed that dozens of fast food restaurants, coffee bars and shops are selling discounted chocolate at hospitals, leading to accusations that the NHS itself fuelling the obesity epidemic in the UK. The Sunday Telegraph… Read More