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Roundup row turns the EU spotlight on pesticides

A special committee is investigating the licensing procedure after serious questions over corporate lobbying on glyphosate. By David Burrows. This month, PEST, a special committee brought together by the European Parliament will meet for the first time. Its job over the next nine months is to delve into the murky world of the EU’s authorisation…
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Government urged to curb pesticide use

The UK Government should use the opportunity created by Brexit to promote greener agricultural practices, including a reduction in pesticide usage, a campaign group has said. Pesticide Action Network –UK (PAN-UK) called on the Government to establish strong regulatory controls on pesticides including targets and incentives to cut their usage as part of a five…
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Scientist puts European pesticides ban into question

A LEADING SCIENTIST HAS cast doubt on the European pesticides ban, which began in December 2013.                     Norman Carrek, a bee researcher at the University of Sussex, suggests that the previous research conducted by his colleague, Dave Goulson, which led to the European ban, was flawed.…
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Organic farms support biodiversity, say Oxford University researchers

A NEW study by researchers at the University of Oxford has shown that organic farms support up to 34% more plants and animal species than conventional farms.   Researchers looked at 184 farming sites across the UK for the past 30 years and found that biodiversity on organic farms had remained at a steady level…
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EU countries vote in favour of pesticide ban

RESTRICTIONS ON THE pesticides some blame for harming bee populations moved a step closer today.                     In all, 15 European Member States supported a ban on three neonicotinoid pesticides. Eight countries voted against the ban and four abstained.   Given that a qualified majority was not…
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Battle for honeybees continues

THE GOVERNMENT is at the centre of storm brewing between environmentalists and agri-chemical companies over the use of some pesticides.                     Neonicotinoids are commonly used in Europe to control pests on oilseed rape and other crops. Environmental campaigners and organic groups believe they are harming honeybee…
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