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Food waste bill to get second reading

A food waste bill that could require large supermarkets, manufacturers and distributors to reduce their food waste by no less than 30% by 2025 will get its second reading in parliament this Friday (5th Feb 2016). The proposed bill also requires that the food industry enters into formal agreements with food redistribution organisations; and requires…
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Queen’s speech sets out government’s agenda

THE QUEEN’S speech was delivered to parliament yesterday outlining the government proposed legislative programme for the next year including 11 new bills.                           Some of the most important announcements for the foodservice and hospitality sector came under the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment…
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House of Commons left with egg on face following ban

CATERERS AT THE House of Commons have been criticised for causing alarm over the consumption of British eggs, after banning them from the Parliament kitchens.   Reports have emerged that liquid Dutch eggs are used in place of British shell eggs in dishes such as omelettes and mousse because they do not ‘reach a core…
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TB debate announced

PARLIAMENT WILL debate the Government’s TB eradication programme, including planned badger culling.    The debate, which has been triggered by a public e-petition asking for further discussions on the controversial government policy to eradicate bovine TB, will take place on October 25th 2012.   NFU president Peter Kendall said the parliamentary debate offers a fresh…
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