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Majority of Brits ‘happy to pay’ cup tax

Around three quarters (74%) of consumers support the introduction of a levy of deposit scheme for single use cups. Support is highest in England (75%), compared to Scotland (72%) and Wales (68%). Just 8% of the 2,137 adults polled by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) were opposed to schemes that encouraged people to either use…
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Costa praised for new recycling ‘racks’

Costa has won praise from campaigners for committing to a nationwide recycling scheme for takeaway cups. Friends of the Earth said Costa’s pledge to recycle coffee cups across its 2,000 UK stores, equating to 30m cups a year, was a “huge step in the right direction” in the war on waste, although it warned there…
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Paper cup use could be closer to 5 billion

The UK could be getting through 5 billion disposable cups every year, which is double the amount previously estimated. “When we started [our scheme] in 2014, we conservatively estimated that 2.5 billion cups were being used each year,” said Simply Cups co-founder Peter Goodwin. “Three years in, we now believe the true figure is closer…
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“Fantastic” bag tax results put cups in spotlight

England is using six billion fewer single use plastic bags since the introduction of a 5p charge. Data published by Defra over the weekend shows that over 7 billion carrier bags were issued by seven main retailers in 2014. But in the six months since the levy was introduced (in October 2015) consumption has fallen…
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Coffee cup tax shot down by Defra

Defra has been forced to play down the suggestion that one of its ministers is considering a tax on disposable coffee cups. During a debate in the House of Commons at the end of last week (March 17, 2016), resource minister Rory Stewart was asked what he is doing to tackle the problem of the…
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Coffee cup controversy

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall was on an espresso-fuelled rampage in the capital yesterday. In his sights were the big chain coffee shops for “misleading” messages in relation to the green credentials of the disposable cups they use. Just a day’s worth of the 2.5 billion cups used to port cups of Joe around are recycled, claimed the…
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