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Nutrition must become a mandatory part of catering college syllabuses

NUTRITIONAL EDUCATION must become explicitly embedded in catering colleges’ syllabuses. This was the overall conclusion to a Footprint Intelligence focus group held yesterday at Westminster Kingsway College.                   Diet related illnesses are expected to have cost the NHS 15.8bn in 2015. With one in 6 meals eaten…
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Footprint’s campaign to highlight sustainability in education gathers even more pace

CONTINUING THE campaign to raise awareness around the importance of sustainability on the national curriculum, Footprint joined Zac Goldsmith in the House of Commons this week.   Last December Footprint Forum in partnership with TUCO and in association with Fairtrade convened to discuss Ethics in Education. Earlier this year Footprint teamed up with Nestlé Professional for…
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“The heat is on” at Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or

‘THE HEAT is on’ as industry experts gathered to judge the first round of the Nestlé Professional Toque d'Or 2015. The paper entry focused on questions drawn from the college syllabus and the increasingly important subject of sustainability. Adding their expertise to the judging were Nick Fenwicke-Clennell and Charles Miers of Footprint Media Group.    …
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