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Andrea Leadsom’s post-Brexit vision for UK food and farming is clear as mud

Listening to Andrea Leadsom address the Oxford Farming Conference on Monday, it was hard not to feel a degree of sympathy for the Defra Secretary of State. It wasn’t just the unfortunate opening observation that farming had been around “as long as mankind itself”, which discounted the vast majority of human history occupied by hunter-gatherers.…
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News Review

FOOD WASTE effecting wildlife; new look DEFRA; $1B in organic sales; overcapacity in foodservice and climate denial not dead.                           Food waste putting birds and fish at peril   We already know that food waste is a pressing problem, but a new study…
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Push for GM continues

THE ENVIRONMENT Secretary, Owen Paterson, used his speech at the Oxford Farming Conference to once-again promote the role of genetically modified (GM) foods.   Paterson, who in December said GM “would be a good thing” highlighted the growing number of farmers that are using the technology and the “great opportunity” it provides.   However, he…
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