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Can less meat mean more profit?

Have you heard of World Meat Free Day? Nope. Neither had I. But it was on July 13th. Oh. Cue a flurry of polls showing that people want to eat less meat and demanding more vegetarian options from us then? You’ve got it. Younger people are particularly keen flexitarians apparently. They would be. Nearly half…
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Asda puts price tag on climate change

THE SUPERMARKET is moving to reinforce its supply chain after its research revealed the £370m cost of extreme weather.                           Asda says it's going to take climate change seriously. Why? Because extreme weather patterns are already affecting major chunks of its supply chain…
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Big rise in UK food poverty sees 20m meals given out in last year

FOOD BANKS and food aid charities gave more than 20 million meals last year to people in the UK who could not afford to feed themselves – a 54 per cent increase on the previous 12 months, according to a report published today by Oxfam, Church Action on Poverty and The Trussell Trust.    …
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Big ten food companies emit more greenhouse gases than Scandinavia

THE ‘Big 10’ food and drink companies together emit more greenhouse gases than Scandinavia and, if they were an individual country, would rank as the 25th most polluting, Oxfam revealed today. It warned that companies are risking financial ruin if they do not do more to tackle climate change.            …
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Emissions must be cut if we are to tackle hunger

COUNTRIES ACROSS the world must play their fair part in cutting emissions if we are to prevent millions more people going hungry due to climate change, international agency Oxfam warns today.                   The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) today opens its meeting in Berlin to finalise…
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Nestlé tops Oxfam’s “Behind the Brands” scorecard

NESTLÉ HAS topped Oxfam’s “Behind the Brands” scorecard for the second year running. The most recent scorecard was unveiled, with Nestlé being given the highest overall score of 64%, up from 61% in September 2013.                           Oxfam launched "Behind the Brands" in 2013…
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UK food prices highest in Europe

PEOPLE IN the UK are facing among the highest and most volatile food prices in Western Europe, according to a new global food database released by Oxfam today.                     New global food index compares 125 countries to reveal the best and worst places to eat healthily…
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Oxfam land report names and shames big brands

A NEW REPORT by Oxfam on the use of land for sugar crops in developing countries makes claims that some of the biggest food and drink brands in the world are not doing enough to stop poor people from being forced from their land and homes to make way to grow crops     The…
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The Political Print: Thatcher and NGO’s

WHEN YOU associate Margaret Thatcher with food the first thought that springs to mind is probably milk. Yet the Iron Lady’s legacy to the industry is far greater than denying kids a free glass of the white stuff.   Supporters would, with some justification, argue that the food system we now have – characterised by bountiful…
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