• The organic food market fights back

    THE 2015 Organic Market Report, produced by the Soil Association, says that sales of organic products are on the rise, increasing by 4% in 2014.                           The report… Read More

  • One million meals a day: ‘hitting the mark for freshness, sustainability, and quality’ claims Soil Association

    THE SOIL Association this week announced that one million high quality meals being served each workday in schools, universities, nurseries, workplaces, hospitals, care homes and restaurants across the UK.                      The Catering… Read More

  • The deceptive rise of Fairtrade

    SALES OF the products have hit £1.78bn but its not ethics that are driving people’s buying decisions, says Frances Pirie.                         Humans are essentially selfish creatures. They focus their attention… Read More

  • Organic farms support biodiversity, say Oxford University researchers

    A NEW study by researchers at the University of Oxford has shown that organic farms support up to 34% more plants and animal species than conventional farms.   Researchers looked at 184 farming sites across the UK for the past… Read More

  • Organic growth following horsegate

    SALES OF ORGANIC food are up for the first time in almost four years thanks to the horse meat scandal and fears that chickens are now being fed GM soya.   The latest figures from Kantar Worldpanel reveal organic sales… Read More

  • Food fight: Is there enough GM-free soya for Britain’s poultry farmers

    THE AVAILABILITY of GM-free feed for poultry has been shrouded in mystery and contradictory information. Recently, four supermarkets ditched policies that had been in place for over a decade requiring suppliers to feed poultry 100% GM-free soya. Will foodservice companies now… Read More

  • Confusion over GM-free soya availability

    DEBATE CONTINUES to rage over whether there is enough GM-free soya available for the UK’s poultry market.   Earlier this week, four leading supermarkets announced that they have removed requirements for their poultry suppliers to use only GM-free feed, largely… Read More

  • Retailers drop anti-GM poultry feed stance

    THREE OF THE country’s more ethical supermarkets have removed requirements for their suppliers to give poultry only GM-free feed.   Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and The Coop have all announced changes to their policies given that they could no longer… Read More

  • Organic food – tale of two sectors

    SALES OF ORGANIC food in the UK fell again in 2012, down 1.5% to £1.64bn.                   Supermarkets have been blamed for the downward slide, with reduced shelf space and cuts to their… Read More

  • No identifiable health benefits to organic?

    ACCORDING TO research from Stanford University published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, whilst organic food could cut your exposure to pesticides, it will not make you healthier.   Out of 200 studies there was no identifiable difference in nutritional… Read More