• 20% tax on sugary drinks essential says health select committee

    THE PRESSURE IS on the government to drop opposition to a 20% tax on sugary drinks. A report by a cross party health select committee has concluded a 10-20% tax is an essential part of any national strategy to tackle… Read More

  • Sugar tax still a possibility

    JAMIE OLIVER doesn’t believe a tax on sugar drinks has been written off just yet with the prime minister keen to interrogate all possible options. In an enthralling appearance in front of the House of Commons health committee yesterday, the… Read More

  • News review

    More Scottish food please, Bidvest sustainability update, Hospitality delivers 10% of GDP, Keep big portions out of reach, Tea certification failures….                     NFUS challenges foodservice   Scotland’s farming union will approach foodservice and catering companies… Read More

  • Obesity could soon overtake smoking as a key cause of cancer

    OBESITY IS now one of the leading causes of cancer, cancer specialists gathered at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual conference in Chicago have revealed.                          … Read More

  • The diet dilemma

    BALANCING health and sustainability and obesity’s global toll.                 The debate regarding the make-up of a sustainable diet is likely to rage on into 2015. A recent paper published in the journal Current… Read More

  • New calorie reduction development tool launched

    THE FOOD Network Team, part of the Department of Health, has produced a Calorie Reduction Pledge Development Tool to support current and future partners to the calorie reduction pledge.                     The… Read More

  • Sugar tax could tackle rising obesity

    DAME SALLY DAVIES, Chief Medical Officer for England, has said that a sugar tax may have to be introduced to help reduce the rising obesity figures.                            … Read More

  • Parents, not fast food, to blame for childhood obesity

    RESEARCHERS AT the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) has released a report stating that fast-food consumption is simply a by-product of a much bigger problem: poor all-day-long dietary habits that originate in children’s homes.   The study,… Read More

  • Obese women alter diets in response to additional calories from soft drinks

    A NEW STUDY published in the British Journal of Nutrition has shown that when soft drinks are added to the diets of obese women, they will voluntarily reduce what they eat.   The study, carried out researchers at the University… Read More

  • Health by stealth

    DINERS ARE craving indulgent treats, yet the government wants help curbing obesity. Is there a sneaky solution?                       People are eating out less, but when they do they want to… Read More