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Footprint Forum Speaker: Jessica Colling, Product Director, vielife

MOOD FOOD SPEAKER   Jessica has spent the past decade working in health promotion.   At vielife she is responsible for new product development and extending the ways that people can engage with and improve their health & wellness. Jessica has also worked as a health writer and freelance consultant for a number of organisations…
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Footprint Forum Speaker Biog: Amanda Ursell

MOOD FOOD SPEAKER    Amanda Ursell - Nutritionist, Times Journalist and regular contributor to the BBC (Courtesy of CH&Co.) Amanda Ursell is a qualified nutritionist and has a diploma in dietetics. She is also an award winning journalist, television presenter and author.   With weekly columns in The Times and The Sun, Amanda is one of…
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Time for action on health

It's time the foodservice industry took health and wellbeing off the agenda and put it into practice, says 3663 communications controller, Lindsay Winser.   At 3663, we’ve always been passionate about our environment, products, communities and people. With more and more consumers looking for a great choice of foods that support their bid to live…
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We’re off for a Spot of Brekkie

Eileen Steinbock, head of health and nutrition at Brakes Group, talks about the company’s innovative strategy to deal with the needs of an ageing population: and she isn’t just talking about care homes.   The population of the Uk is ageing. Over the past 25 years the percentage of the population aged 65 and over…
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