• Fishing for answers – how university caterers are sourcing responsibly

    CONSUMER AWARENESS of responsible sourcing has grown exponentially in the past few years, driving the issue of sustainable seafood – a cause which has been helped along by celebrity chef endorsement.   And rightly so. In recent years, the headlines have… Read More

  • Cod recovery continues

    THE ICONIC European cod fishery, which collapsed in the 1980s and has been ailing ever since, has finally increased above dangerously low levels and hauled itself off the Marine Conservation Society’s Fish to Avoid list.   North Sea cod is now… Read More

  • News in review

    MORRISONS MAY have shed a tear when it read this week’s assessment of its move to appease disgruntled farmers.                   The supermarket will launch a new milk brand this autumn, called Milk… Read More

  • The numbers you need to know

    Ethical eating                   87% of UK consumers are aware of free-range labels. But just 36% say they’ve heard of the MSC approval scheme for fish.   More fish in schools    … Read More

  • School Food Standards prompt 18% increase in schools serving sustainable fish

    ONE IN six UK primary schools are now serving MSC certified sustainable fish to students according to a report published by the Marine Stewardship Council.                     Over 500 schools have become… Read More

  • Learn and Grow

    TUCO IS committed to supporting its members to learn invaluable skills in order to help them grow their businesses, and reputations.                   As part of this we have teamed up with M&J… Read More

  • Silla Bjerrum and Durham University land top MSC foodservice awards for 2015

        THE MSC Chef of the Year has been awarded to Silla Bjerrum, Danish-born owner of Feng Sushi, for her passion and commitment in promoting MSC herring and the Hastings fishery.                … Read More

  • Brakes’ fish pledge means sustainable fish for millions

    BRAKES HAS taken a Sustainable Fish Cities pledge.                        Millions of UK schoolchildren, hospital patients, workplaces and restaurant diners are to be served only demonstrably sustainable fish, thanks to the pledge… Read More

  • Seafood Success

    Since partnering with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) last year, we have seen an increasing number of members become MSC-certified helping to drive forward the green agenda across their campuses. In total, there are now six TUCO universities taking part… Read More

  • Footprint Forum Report: Cut the clutter

    CATERING FIRMS are faced with myriad eco-labels. But are they an essential part of communicating their ethics?                   Ask a student what factors determine the food they buy and price will invariably… Read More