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Research reveals top consumer trends for 2014

LEADING MARKET research company Mintel has released its consumer market trends predictions for 2014, outlining four key areas likely to impact the UK.   Mintel’s latest report examined the areas of commercial opportunity for brands in the coming year, and what consumers will be buying into in 2014. Mintel’s Senior Trends Consultant Richard Cope outlines:  …
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Balancing desire and ethics

FOOTPRINT ANALYSES the results of the results of three reports to identify the sustainability expectations of diners.                       There was a time when consumers left their ethics at the front door when eating out. Not any more. A combination of everything from macro-economics to the media…
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Opportunity on your doorstep

RETAILERS ARE benefitting from a passion for local food, but some caterers are eyeing the strong and growing market too, Footprint talks to BaxterStorey's Ian Platt.                               The government's green food report took a few by surprise with a recommendation for…
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Brits favour smaller portions over diet food

AS A NEW year begins, the thoughts of many Brits will be on how to shed the excesses of the festive season and using January as a catalyst to realise their healthy lifestyle resolutions.   But while we may be growing larger as a nation, with one in three (31%) Brits on a more or…
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Low salt products in decline

THE NUMBER of products with low or no salt claims has declined in recent years.   Despite increased awareness about the risks of too much sodium in consumers’ diets and pledges from governments around the world to reduce salt levels in food, launches of products with “low”, “no” or “reduced” sodium claims has declined 5%…
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