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Meat-free rising and food waste waning – the major trends for 2017

Next year will see more innovation in plant-based products and menus as consumers continue to prioritise health and wellbeing, according to forecasts by experts at Mintel. As well as an increase in alternatives to both milk and meat, the stigma associated with ugly fruit and vegetables will continue to fall as retailers and restaurants look…
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Craft spirits surge in popularity

Craft beers are yesterday’s news. Now it’s all about craft spirits, according to new research published by Mintel. So far this year, 15% of new global spirit launches have been positioned as “craft”, up from just 5% five years ago. The US market has driven the surge; hardly surprising when more than half (55%) of…
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Behind the Headlines: Tesco’s farm fudge

The supermarket’s refresh of its fresh produce ranges using ‘fake’ farms has left a sour taste, but it won’t last for long, says David Burrows.

Poor old Tesco: just when it seems to have come up with a decent idea, the media throws it back in its face. More than 70 lines of fruit, veg, poultry, pork and beef have been revamped under seven new “farm” brands. These include Redmere Farms for veg, Rosedene Farms for fruits and Boswell Farms, which look after the beef. Trouble is – none of them exist.

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£86.4 billion spent on catering

Defra has published a snapshot of the UK’s food and farming industry. The new infographic shows that 71% of land is used for producing food, with the country currently 76% self-sufficient in home-grown food (this is higher than this study and this one suggest). Meanwhile, consumers spend £198 billion on food, drink and catering. In…
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Tax relief for healthy products

THE ONE billion pound that food and drinks companies claim in tax relief for research and development should be ring-fenced for the “mass production of healthier food”. That’s according to the Health Action Campaign, which has just produced a report looking at the health and economic implications of today’s food industry.   The campaigners also…
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Animal welfare tops consumers’ ethical wish list

WHEN IT comes to ethical claims made by food and drink companies, new research from Mintel finds that concerns over animal welfare top the list, trumping environmental concerns and concerns over tax avoidance.                   In a study of 1500 UK consumers, three quarters (74%) say that meat…
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Weighty problems

CONSUMERS ARE confused about what makes them fat so it’s no surprise a third don’t consider health when they’re eating out. That means businesses have to, but is the Responsibility Deal enough to make a difference?                   In the past decade sugar consumption has fallen 12%. In…
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One third of diners rarely think about health when eating out

Over the bank holiday this weekend, many Brits will be taking the opportunity to toast the end of the summer by enjoying a meal out, or ordering a meal in.   However, it seems that what was once a special treat has become a weekly event for many, as new research from Mintel reveals that…
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Fizzy drinks falling flat

ONE IN four consumers are drinking less Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSDs) than they were six months ago and half of those are doing so because they contain too much sugar, new research from Mintel reveals.                           Mintel’s research finds that a quarter (25%)…
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THE BREWING industry is at odds over whether a strict definition of ‘craft brewing’ is needed as big players muscle their way into the booming sector.                       Craft brewing used to be a bit like teenage sex - everyone was talking about it and many wanted…
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