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Online grocers urged to flag British produce

The NFU is calling for British produce to be highlighted on internet grocery sites as part of a range of proposals to make online labelling as transparent as in-store. Among the NFU’s suggestions to make British products more easily identifiable are for retailers selling online to identify British products on the listing page with a…
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NFU reveals roadmap for fruit and veg growth

Improving nutritional labeling on menus and increasing availability of healthier foods in vending machines are just two ways in which foodservice businesses can help boost UK fruit and vegetable consumption, according to a new NFU report. The ‘Fit for the Future’ report marks an attempt by the NFU to help tackle the obesity crisis by…
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UK faces agriculture crisis

THE NATIONAL FARMERS Union (NFU) will announce that the UK is set to face a crisis in its agriculture production outputs if more is not done to invest in farming.                           A study by the organisation shows that Britain will need to increase…
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NFU launches political campaign

THE NATIONAL FARMERS Union (NFU) has announced it will be launching a campaign in the run up to May elections to highlight the importance of the agriculture sector in the UK.                     The “Great British Food Gets My Vote” campaign will urge politicians to back British…
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DEFRA negotiates dairy farmer support

FOLLOWING A tough year for the dairy industry, the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has asked that UK banks, tax authorities and the Rural Payments Agency to show support to farmers.                     At a meeting hosted by Defra Secretary Liz Truss, the RPA…
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First Milk delay dairy farmers’ pay by two weeks

FIRST MILK announced that over 1,000 farmers within one of its co-operatives would see a delay in their pay cheque, due on Monday 12th January, and all subsequent payments after will be put back a fortnight.                       The news has been said to have made…
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Public perception of farming is increasingly positive in survey results

MORE OF the British public think positively about farmers and farming than last year according to a recent OnePoll survey commissioned by the NFU.                    Following the launch of the Back British Farming campaign, the latest survey results reveal 67% of people think favourably about farmers, a…
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NFU calls for people to back British farming

THE NATIONAL Farmers Union (NFU) has revealed self-sufficiency in UK food production stating has dropped by 15% over the last twenty years. According to the NFU, the latest figures show that as a nation the UK is currently only 60% self-sufficient, meaning that without imports from other countries we would only produce enough food to…
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EU vote threatens progress on green farming

ENVIRONMENTALISTS ACCUSE MEP'S of watering down eco-friendly plans for Common Agricultural Policy.                           Much has been done to improve the environmental performance of agriculture, but a recent vote in Europe on the next stage of the budget for farming subsidies could, say environmentalists, stall…
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