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Takeaway salad revealed as Britain’s biggest source of food waste

THOUSANDS OF tons of perfectly good food goes straight into the bin every year in what's being described as the scandal of Britain's biggest source of food waste. A leading waste management company has found through its own research that over 99% of bagged salads given away by takeaway food establishments are never eaten, with…
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Balancing desire and ethics

FOOTPRINT ANALYSES the results of the results of three reports to identify the sustainability expectations of diners.                       There was a time when consumers left their ethics at the front door when eating out. Not any more. A combination of everything from macro-economics to the media…
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Hospitality industry ‘worst waste offenders’

ACCORDING TO NEW research, up to 50% of bars and restaurants in the UK could be failing to properly recycle their waste.   Research carried out by waste management service provider, Businesswaste.co.uk shows that restaurants, bars and nightclubs are the ‘worst in the industrial and services sector’ for recycling their waste.   The waste management…
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