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Is fake meat the real deal

Should burger bars and the foodservice sector at large start embracing new and improving meat-free products? Footprint asks experts for their views. Let’s not get carried away. “Offering tasty, nutritious and sustainably produced food is a ‘must’, not a ‘nice to have’. In today’s world, big burger chains need to think long and hard about…
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Time for a serious rethink of sustainability standards to tackle the urgent climate challenges the world is facing

For many years I have worked with some of the world’s largest conservation bodies, businesses and other civil society organisations to develop sustainability standards for a wide range of globally traded commodities. Many of these focus on specific sustainability challenges, such as animal welfare, global trade or organic standards. These schemes have done a fantastic job…
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Dairy dispute over healthy eating guidelines

Experts call the new Eatwell Guide a step in the right direction, but industry objects to recommendations to consume less milk products. The government’s revision of what constitutes a healthy diet has created a bit of a stir. In March, Public Health England (PHE) replaced the Eatwell Plate with the Eatwell Guide to reflect recent…
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Consumers are turning to soy, almond and coconut milk out of health and environmental concerns.

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A peek behind the Golden Arches

MCDONALD'S HAS decided to open its supply chain up to the public but is it a genuine attempt to be more transparent or a marketing stunt?                           At a recent food safety conference in York, Sainsbury’s head of quality and supplier performance, Alec…
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A taste for tripe

UK CONSUMERS have become ‘squeamish’ about eating certain cuts but a new report argues that meat – including offal – needs to be valued rather than wasted.    Fergus Henderson will be pleased. A report published last month by WWF- UK and the Food Ethics Council (FEC) claims that food companies, consumers and the government must…
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Meat needs higher value, says WWF

PLACING GREATER value on meat could help to cut consumption with knock-on benefits for the environment and health, according to a new report published by WWF-UK and the Food Ethics Council (FEC).     High meat consumption has been associated with a number of factors related to important challenges facing the global food system, including…
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Farms of the future

FIFTY YEARS ago this month the book ‘Silent Spring’ kick-started the environmental movement and changed the way we grow our food. As climate change and population growth exert growing pressure, what will the next generation of farms look like?    This month marks the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”. Al Gore credits the…
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Government to tackle sustainable diets

THE FOODSERVICE sector has a “major role” to play in influencing consumer choice and shifting people to more sustainable, healthier diets.   New government project also commits to debate on GM   That’s according to a new government study into the UK’s food system.   The report is the first piece of work from the…
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