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Footprint launch procurement awards

The term ‘Triple Bottom Line’ is set to become a well-used phrase in the world of procurement and supply chain management as the issues of measuring the sustainable impact of buying becomes increasingly important.                   For those forward-thinking professionals already approaching purchasing in this innovative way –…
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Environmental savings from rail and water freight underestimated

GETTING MORE freight off the road and onto rail and water could significantly reduce road traffic, improve congestion by up to 25% and be better for the environment, according to new research carried out for the Campaign for Better Transport.                     The study found that government…
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Driving Transport Efficiency

As a leading supplier to the UK foodservice sector, Brakes is passionate about providing an unbeatable level of service to its customers while also operating in the most environmentally friendly way. Whether driving down food miles, responsible sourcing, or reducing its carbon footprint, Brakes commitment to sustainability is at the core of its business ethos.…
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Energy and Logistics

Brakes, one of the UK’s leading foodservice suppliers, is using a wide variety of solutions to minimise the impact of the business on the environment through increased efficiency and green business practices. Energy consumption:   In 2008 Brakes reduced energy consumption through a combination of operational changes, internal awareness campaigns around energy efficiency and training…
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