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Buying responsibly: Green10 simplifies a complex challenge

Green10 is the new responsible sourcing initiative developed by procurement specialist Acquire Services to help foodservice businesses develop and monitor their responsible sourcing goals.                             Many foodservice providers have struggled with the responsible buying/green agenda for a while now, but clients and…
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Sustainability begins at home – but can’t end there

SHOULD SCOTLAND vote to break away from the United Kingdom in 2014 it would take a well-stocked national larder with it. There are few countries that boast the same diversity of natural food and drink as Scotland so it’s little surprise that Scottish produce accounts for a significant proportion of Scotland’s public- sector food and…
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Food security and local sourcing key future trends says FCSI

LESS THAN half of consultants believe that caterers are taking sustainability seriously. That’s according to FCSI UK & Ireland’s first insight report - A Taste of the Future – which launched today, giving a look into the future of foodservice.                     The report reveals that sustainability,…
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Provenance prevails

THE MAIN priority for consumers when buying meat or poultry is provenance not price.   More than half of consumers (59%) prefer to buy UK-sourced meat and poultry compared to imported meat.   Meanwhile, price is the main consideration for just 39% of consumers.   The results come in a new report by YouGov SixthSense…
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Best of British

British sourcing is a great idea but is that all it is? Are suppliers and operators doing anything to promote it or has the idea degenerated into a cliché? Footprint asked some major movers and shakers in the food chain what is really going on.   A lot of noise is made about local sourcing…
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Foodservice Footprint Issue 4 – Winter 2010

Sustainability is a vast subject and it is very difficult not to opine on the amounts of information we receive on a daily basis. For this reason we feel it is important for us to remind ourselves every now and again what we are all about.   Foodservice Footprint is the ‘go to’ place for…
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Can restaurants support UK sustainability efforts?

Sustainability is all about sourcing locally. Sourcing good quality local produce is hard work as you have to go out and find it - it doesn't always come to you. It is a long process, but one which over the years has enabled me to develop very good relationships with suppliers all across my home…
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