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Sugar tax go ahead and new advertising rules

The government took a big step towards implementation of a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks this week by including draft legislation in its Finance Bill. The new levy will be applied in two rates: a lower one for added sugar drinks with a total sugar content of five grams or more per 100 millilitres, plus a…
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Hygiene ratings must be mandatory, say councils

Local authorities want all food outlets in England to be forced to display their hygiene rating and then fined or prosecuted if they don’t. Compulsory “Scores on the Doors” ratings already exist in Wales, whilst Northern Ireland will follow suit in October this year. In England, results – from zero to five based on factors…
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Two thirds of academies still dodging healthy meal standards

Nearly 2,500 academies and free schools are yet to formally commit to healthy school meal standards, according to the new figures compiled by the Local Government Association. The loophole means that these schools can dodge restrictions on fried and pastry-based foods, as well as sugary drinks, said the LGA, and at the same time receive…
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Councils sweet on teaspoon labels for sugar

Local authorities want fizzy drinks to carry labels showing sugar content in teaspoons. The idea, also promoted by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, would “spell out” how much sugar the drinks contained, the Local Government Association said. "On average, it takes just 15 seconds for shoppers to decide on an item, so we need to have…
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