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Challenge for agriculture as emissions progress stalls

Agriculture is expected to miss key reduction targets for greenhouse gases. With bold new policies needed, shifting demand could be the next step. By Nick Hughes. The UK’s transition to a resilient low-carbon economy is in danger of being derailed by a lack of government action on climate change. That was the stark warning issued…
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More foodservice ‘influencers’ needed to shift people to plant-based diets

The UK needs to “rethink the way it eats” in order to meet the Paris Agreement targets, according to WWF-UK. And the charity, which published its revised “Livewell Plates” this week, has identified chefs and supermarkets as “key influencers” in shifting consumers to more sustainable diets. WWF first created the Livewell Plate in 2011 to…
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Hard choice to swallow

POLITICIANS FEAR the idea. Environmentalists love it. Consumers don’t understand it. And businesses are beginning to trial it. David Burrows investigates the controversial concept of sustainable diets.   Obesity and diet-related illness are on the increase. Fewer young people are being taught how to cook or grow food. And advertisers are targeting kids with junk…
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