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LIVESTOCK IS RESPONSIBLE for 80% of agricultural emissions, according to new research published in Environmental Research Letters. The authors suggested that technical and behavioural changes are required to curb the emissions. PUPILS ARE twice as likely to achieve above average results if they eat breakfast, according to new research by scientists at Cardiff University. The…
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First Milk delay dairy farmers’ pay by two weeks

FIRST MILK announced that over 1,000 farmers within one of its co-operatives would see a delay in their pay cheque, due on Monday 12th January, and all subsequent payments after will be put back a fortnight.                       The news has been said to have made…
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Farmers frustrated at drop in beef price

THE DRAMATIC fall in the beef price over the past few months is a major concern for the livestock industry, the NFU reiterated today.                       Beef farmers are angry that a year after the ‘horsegate’ scandal, many retailers and processors are not living up to…
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Cut off the gas

PIERRE GERBER from the Food and Agriculture Organisation talks about his new report on emissions from livestock farming.   David Burrows (DB): Livestock production seems to be a big emitter of greenhouse gases, but what are the main sources?   Pierre Gerber (PG): Cattle raised for both beef and milk is responsible for about 65%…
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Meat of the Matter

With increasing demand for protein from those parts of the world where a vegetable-based diet has been the historical norm, questions are being raised as to the environmental impact of the burgeoning livestock industry.   You name it, whether we are contemplating water pollution, biodiversity collapse, climate change and land degradation, livestock production contributes a…
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Foodservice Footprint Issue 4 – Winter 2010

Sustainability is a vast subject and it is very difficult not to opine on the amounts of information we receive on a daily basis. For this reason we feel it is important for us to remind ourselves every now and again what we are all about.   Foodservice Footprint is the ‘go to’ place for…
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