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Water: you need to worry

Water stress and shortages are already impacting foodservice, from smoothies and sugar cane to chocolate bars and bottling plants. Amy Fetzer reports on a Footprint Forum designed to wring out solutions. Sitting inside Innocent’s London head office on a wet and rainy Tuesday afternoon getting ready for a Footprint Forum entitled: Water: why worry 2?,…
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New Year, new nominees for the Health & Vitality Honours 2016

THE ROLL OF Honour for the 2016 Health & Vitality Honours has today been announced by sustainability champion Footprint, after much anticipation from the Food Industry. Now in its fourth year, the Health & Vitality Honours is the platform for businesses to showcase best practice and be recognised for their remarkable efforts which are making…
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Kids’ advertising leaves sour taste

CONFECTIONERY, CEREALS and soft drinks aimed at children are now worth £50bn globally, but promises made by manufacturers to clean up their act have been broken.                             New research by Leatherhead Food Research suggests that children and teenagers represent a “major target…
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Functional foods market increases in size

A NEW report from Leatherhead Food Research has revealed that the global market for food and drinks offering functional health benefits continues to increase in size.                           According to a new report by Leatherhead (Future Directions for the Global Functional Foods Market), in…
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At sixes and sevens

NEW RESEARCH has suggested that five-a-day guideline for fruit and veg consumption should be lifted to seven-a-day. Footprint asked foodservice experts whether it's achievable and, if so, how. Nicky Martin is head of nutrition at Compass Group UK & Ireland   Increasingly fruit and vegetable consumption is hugely important. Ideally we should aim to eat more…
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Foodservice industry called on to increase health and wellbeing policies

FOOTPRINT AND Eating Better join forces to engage businesses on showcasing best practice around sustainable diets and the cost effectiveness it can deliver.                     Senior officials representing the UK’s leading foodservice companies, industry organisations and the Department of Health gathered today [15th July] to debate the…
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Lucky number seven

NEW RESEARCH suggests that recommended guidelines for daily frui and veg intake need to increase from five portions to seven. This could be hard to swallow given current intakes.   When it comes to fruit and veg seven is the new five, according to research in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. Researchers from University…
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Steve Osborn: Leatherhead Food’s business innovation manager

2014 SUSTAINABILITY Trends: Food Security                           Assuring a sustainable supply of food is set to present one of the grand challenges of the next decade and an essential element is a robust and trusted supply chain. Food security has come into focus during…
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My Viewpoint: Steve Osborne looks at lab burgers and GM

IT'S BEEF, but not as we know it. Steve Osborne takes a look at whether the public will see lab burgers in the same light as GM food.                           As populations rise and food demand increases correspondingly, a global search for solutions is…
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