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LEAF reports spike in sustainable food

Global demand for sustainable food has led to a spike in the volume of crops grown to Leaf Marque standards, according to the certification body. The area of land around the world growing LEAF Marque crops increased by 28% last year, according to the findings of LEAF’s latest annual Global Impacts Report. In the UK…
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Footprint Forum Report: Cut the clutter

CATERING FIRMS are faced with myriad eco-labels. But are they an essential part of communicating their ethics?                   Ask a student what factors determine the food they buy and price will invariably come top – and who can blame them, with the average graduate’s debt running at…
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LEAF receives global recognition from ISEAL

LEAF (LINKING ENVIRONMENT AND FARMING) has been accepted as an associate member of the ISEAL Alliance, the global membership association for sustainability standards.                            Becoming an associate member of ISEAL recognises that LEAF is committed to embracing credible practices, such as transparency and…
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Consultation on new standard

FOODSERVICE OPERATORS are being urged to have their say in the future development of the LEAF Marque Global Standard.                         The environmental farming charity, LEAF, is embarking on a two phase consultation of its LEAF Marque Global Standard. LEAF Marque is a global food standard…
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