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DON’T FORGET that landfill tax is about to go up again. As part of the landfill tax escalator – designed to encourage the diversion of waste from landfill - waste disposal costs rise by £8 per tonne each year.   When you read this it’ll be £64 to send a tonne of waste to landfill,…
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Hospitality sector looking at its own AD plant

THE HOSPITALITY sector could have its own dedicated anaerobic digestion (AD) plant to take food waste. It’s just one of a number of options being considered as part of a sector-wide analysis of food waste.   The Hospitality Carbon Reduction Forum, which has 12,000 restaurant and pub members, has found that more than half the…
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Landfill tax rise could cost £12m

LANDFILL TAX is rising from £56 to £64 per tonne on 1 April 2012.   Given that foodservice businesses are thought to be landfilling 1.5 million tonnes a year, this could cost the sector up to £12m extra in landfill costs.   The rise in charges is part of the Government’s landfill tax escalator which has…
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