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Doha: Progress or Failure?

ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS have reacted angrily to the “failure” that was the Doha climate talks, while the UK Government has called the agreement “a step forward”. Most agree, however, that the progress was modest, with a mismatch between the scale and the urgency of action required and the political will and ambition.   “This year we…
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Climate talks fail

SIX OF THE largest environmental and development organisations in the world issued a statement claiming the climate talks in Doha were “on the brink of disaster” and that “rich governments had 24 hours to urgently make a deal that reflects the scale of planetary emergency facing humanity”.   That was 24 hours ago. And as…
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UN says climate catastrophe is looming

GOVERNMENT’S ARE falling far short of their commitment to keep global average temperature rise below the accepted 2°C goal, putting the world on the brink of climate catastrophe.                 The UN Environment Program’s Emissions Gap Report 2012 identifies a huge gap between current pledges to cut polluting greenhouse…
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Europe needs new emission target

EUROPE SHOULD set a target to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% on 1990 levels by 2020 in order to demonstrate political leadership in the run up to UN climate talks in 2015.     That is the verdict of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, which July 25, published a report looking at the future of…
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The next big thing: Biodiversity footprinting

IT’S NOT all about polar bears and pandas. While the icy critters and bamboo chompers have stolen the show when it comes to climate change and conservation, more and more companies are waking up to their reliance on almost every part of the world’s biodiversity. Cadbury and Starbucks, for instance, are essentially reliant on one…
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