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Chicken to be destroyed following KFC fiasco

Chicken destined for KFC outlets will have to be destroyed as a result of supply problems caused by the fast food chain moving to a new delivery partner. On Wednesday, The Guardian reported that DHL, which has taken over the contract from Bidvest Logistics, was storing the chicken in an unregistered cold store in Rugby.…
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The robots are coming

Machines are replacing people on farms, food factories and McDonald’s restaurants. But fears that they will make humans redundant are overblown, writes Nick Hughes. When self-service kiosks began rolling out to McDonald’s outlets in 2015, staff could have been forgiven for fearing the worst. The machines, which looked like giant white smartphones, allowed customers to…
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Hospitality firms top wage offenders list

The government has named and shamed another raft of employers for failing to pay their staff the national minimum or living wage – and almost one in four are from the hospitality sector. For the first time, the list published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy includes employers who failed to pay…
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Fast food giants targeted over antibiotic use

Campaigners have marked World Antibiotics Awareness Week by calling on KFC, Subway and McDonald’s to end the routine use of antibiotics in their livestock supply chains. The group, which includes Consumers International, ShareAction and The Alliance to Save our Antibiotics, noted in a letter to The Guardian that drug-resistant infections are expected to cause 10…
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Last throw of the dice for voluntary deals?

The Courtauld Commitment is targeting big cuts in waste across the food industry, but if it fails then legislators may step in. By David Burrows. A lot rests on Courtauld 2025. The new food industry super-agreement aims to save £20 billion through resource efficiency, cut food and drink waste as well as greenhouse gases by…
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Waste agreements merged into new Courtauld 2025 scheme

Wrap has unveiled a voluntary agreement that will “transform” the UK food and drink industry. Courtauld 2025 will replace both the Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement (HaFSA) on waste and the Courtauld Commitment followed by retailers and manufacturers since 2005. The plan is to cut the resource intensity of the industry by a fifth within 10…
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New posters profess it takes 51 minutes to burn off a Big Mac

IN AN ATTEMPT to get people to realise the impact of junk food, Buddy Loans has released a set of infographics which show how much exercise you need to do to burn off eight fast food products. The fun and colourful infographics cover a burger, fries, cola, pizza, fried chicken, cake, chocolate and beer.    …
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Green scene news analysis

Chucked chicken, meat cuts and Indonesia in flames..... Finger-licking faux pas Reading the KFC website it appears that the Colonel has got this food waste issue licked. Products are withdrawn from sale after 60 to 90 minutes, leaving about three tonnes of chicken to deal with per year in each of its 850 stores. But fear…
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Diners want to know what they’re eating

DINERS ARE starting to care about the provenance of their food when eating out, according to new research by the National Pig Association. Traditionally, diners care less about where their food comes from when eating out than when food shopping. But attitudes appear to be changing.   The new research, commissioned by AHDB Pork, showed…
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