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Defra in the dock over sustainable sourcing

Jim Paice has been left with egg on his face after his department failed to meet its own buying standards on food procurement. With the angry Minister promising immediate action, David Burrows asks whether the Government really has an appetite for sustainable food? It’s not the first time a Minister has been left red-faced on…
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Warning over illegal eggs

The EU’s first ever legislation designed to improve animal welfare might not be worth the paper it’s written on.   From January 1, barren battery cages – those that don’t allow hens to carry out natural behaviours such as foraging and stretching of wings – will be banned as part of the Welfare of Laying…
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INTERVIEW with Jim Paice MP

Q. You will have been heavily involved in the Conservative Party’s ‘Honest Food’ campaign to stop meat products originating from another country being processed in the UK and subsequently sold as British produce. This has progressed to a Parliamentary Bill requiring meat and meat products labelled as British or carrying the Union flag to be…
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Foodservice Footprint Issue 4 – Winter 2010

Sustainability is a vast subject and it is very difficult not to opine on the amounts of information we receive on a daily basis. For this reason we feel it is important for us to remind ourselves every now and again what we are all about.   Foodservice Footprint is the ‘go to’ place for…
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