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Scotland gets serious on food waste

From the begging of this year any business producing more than a carrier bag's worth of waste a week has to make sure it's collected separately. New regulations coming into force on January 1st will change the way the food industry is required to manage its food waste in Scotland. From next year, food businesses (apart from those…
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An ounce of (waste) prevention

THE PROGRESS made in recycling rates is impressive, but should businesses be doing more to reduce the amount of waste they create? Jamie Pitcairn and Rupert Carrick certainly think so.                           In the last 20 years a huge focus across the UK has…
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Separation anxiety

FOOD AND hospitality companies in Scotland should not be afraid of new laws requiring them to separate their food waste. Footprint reports from the Food Waste 2013 conference in Edinburgh.                     In just over 12 weeks new laws come into force that will require many food…
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