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Landfill’s End?

POLITICIANS HAVE raised the prospect of a total ban on sending food waste to the tip but the industry is in two minds about the benefits.                     Food waste has been thrust into the spotlight. A number of heavyweight reports have whetted the media and, in turn,…
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Cows fed old food

COWS COULD provide a new outlet for food waste.     A trial by Company Shop, which works with charities and sells surplus food through members-only shops, has successfully reared a cow on a range of inedible food that was past its sell-by date. This included pasta, confectionery and fruit and veg, which together made…
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Half of all food produced is wasted

UP TO A “staggering” two billion tonnes of all food produced ends up as waste.   A new report, entitled “Global Food; waste not, want not”, published by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has found that as much as 50% of all food produced around the world never reaches a human stomach.   The study…
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