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10 green bottles

ADNAMS HAS carbon foot printed its bottled beers, but what will it do with the data?             Adnams has become the first brewer to calculate the carbon footprints of its bottled beers. The¬†lifecycle assessment covers everything from the growth of the hops and cereal to brewing and packaging, distribution, retail…
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Waste reduction tops F&B 2014 trend list

INNOVA MARKET INSIGHTS has released a top ten food and drink trends list for 2014, which sees reduction of food waste and rebuilding trust take the tops spots for consumer concerns in the coming year.   The big trends for 2014 are expected to largely revolve around consumers adapting their habits in times of austerity,…
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Breakthrough innovation – creating a brighter future

Vicky Murray, Forum for the Future principal sustainability advisor, explains why we all need to be innovating to shift the foodservice sector for the better, and how we can make it happen.                       IT IS 1991. The coffee price has plummeted. A bunch of investors…
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