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What can businesses expect from BEIS?

The gripping human drama that has played out in Westminster over the past six weeks has tended to obscure some of the radical structural changes that have also taken place at the heart of UK politics. The new Departments for Exiting the European Union and International Trade are direct, self-explanatory responses to the UK’s exit…
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Pay attention

THE NATIONAL minimum wage for those over the age of 21 has just gone up from £6.50 to £6.70. Apparently, 74% of businesses didn’t realise. Apprentices also got their biggest ever pay rise this month – up 57p to £3.30 an hour. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills called the survey’s findings a “revelation”. It…
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Britain’s Bruising Banana Wars

BRITAIN'S SUPERMARKET price wars are trapping tens of thousands of banana farmers and workers in an unrelenting cycle of poverty                     The Fairtrade Foundation today launches a new campaign Make Bananas Fair asking the UK public to help end the supermarket price wars, including a petition…
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