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107,000 jobs created in hospitality sector

LABOUR MARKET Statistics released by the Office of National Statistics have revealed that the hospitality sector has helped to create over 107,000 new jobs in the last 12 months.                           The jobs were in the ‘accommodation and foodservice activities’ sector. This includes restaurants,…
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Independent sector falling behind the agenda

THERE'S A very interesting article in this month’s Footprint highlighting that, in the foodservice arena, it is the larger organisations as opposed to the independents that are leading the way when it comes to effecting the big changes in sustainability. You’d be forgiven for thinking it should be the other way round.      …
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New technology key to the industry’s success says KPMG

PUB AND restaurant operators must embrace new technologies in order to be successful in 2014 and beyond as the pace of change in the sector is going to accelerate even further, says Will Hawkley, Director in KPMG’s Leisure Advisory Group.   Hawkley says: “Most of that change is being driven by technological advances. 70 years…
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