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Foodservice failing on hygiene, Guardian analysis suggests

An analysis by the Guardian has shown that more than 500 care providers in the UK, including 19 hospitals and other NHS facilities, have failed food hygiene and food safety inspections. Using data published by the Food Standards Agency the newspaper discovered that more than 200 residential, nursing and care homes received “low grades” at…
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News in review: Hospital food battle. FDF boss attacks health lobby. Alcohol an economic benefit. Campylobacter on chickens – latest results. Bag tax benefits. Efra commences dairy price inquiry.

Hospital food review                       The Hospital Caterers Association has published a lengthy response to NHS England’s attack on junk food served to staff, visitors and patients. "Many of the areas of concern that are being raised as [chief executive Simon] Stevens outlines his push to…
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Footprint Comment: HCA chair talks sustainability and hospital food

YOU WILL have recently seen that NHS Scotland has announced a ‘Masterchef Cook-off’ for chefs across the NHS in Scotland.                   The Hospital Caterers Association welcomes this; we welcome anything which brings out the skills of our chefs who are well trained to for ensuring that each…
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Hospital Caterers Association signs up to waste agreement

The Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) has signed up to the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (HaFSA), committing to actively encourage its members to waste less food and associated packaging, as well as reuse and recycle more.                     The HCA will join forces with 182 HaFSA signatories…
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Hospital food under the knife with chef, James Martin

TV CHEF and campaigner, James Martin, is once again taking up his tools and dissecting the issue of hospital food. Now in its third series, Operation Hospital Food (BBC 1), shows him on ‘a mission to transform the standards of the nation’s hospital food’. The Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) has issued a statement, welcoming the…
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HRH The Prince of Wales celebrates landmark moment for hospital food

HRH THE Prince of Wales today hosted a reception, which celebrated improvements in hospital food in England.   Providing good, nutritious hospital food for patients has been highlighted in newly-published key guidance (known as CQUINs) for NHS commissioners and hospitals will now be encouraged to ensure their food meets standards, such as the Soil Association’s…
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New HCA chair announced

ANDY JONES has become chair of the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA).    Jones was elected to the position at the association’s Annual General Meeting recently and has taken over from Janice Gillan.   Jones has been an active member of the HCA for over 20 years.  He has been the national vice chair for the…
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Call for legally-binding hospital food standards

HOSPITAL CATERING standards have come under fire in a damning new report published today.   The assessment, entitled “Twenty years of hospital food failure: Why we need mandatory standards, not more ineffective voluntary initiatives”, concluded that £54 million of taxpayers’ money has been spent on 21 “failed” voluntary initiatives to improve food. Warnings from MPs,…
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Horse meat testing expanded

TESTING FOR horse meat will be extended to include stock cubes, stewing steak and gelatine. In all, 514 products will be tested, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced. The full results will be published.   The sampling for the first two phases will be carried out by 28 local authorities and will include beef-based…
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