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A peek behind the Golden Arches

MCDONALD'S HAS decided to open its supply chain up to the public but is it a genuine attempt to be more transparent or a marketing stunt?                           At a recent food safety conference in York, Sainsbury’s head of quality and supplier performance, Alec…
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My viewpoint: Johnny Pitt talks lacklustre PR responses to horsegate

THE HORSE MEAT scandal highlighted serious problems with the global supply chains that bring food to our plates, but caterers and retailers didn’t help themselves with a lacklustre PR response. They’ll need to do better as the story rumbles on, argues Johnny Pitt of Launch PR.                   …
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Butcher takes responsibility for halal chicken contamination

THE BUTCHER who supplied catering firm Chartwells with halel-labelled chicken sausages contaminated with pork has “taken full responsibility” for the supply chain breach.   Westminster City Council (WCC) found traces of pork DNA in the sausages as part of its own proactive testing regime – and not part of the Food Standards Agency’s country-wide tests.…
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A taste for tripe

UK CONSUMERS have become ‘squeamish’ about eating certain cuts but a new report argues that meat – including offal – needs to be valued rather than wasted.    Fergus Henderson will be pleased. A report published last month by WWF- UK and the Food Ethics Council (FEC) claims that food companies, consumers and the government must…
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SMP’s criticise Brakes and Sodexo over horse meat info

SCOTTISH POLITICIANS have criticised catering companies Brakes and Sodexo for their failure to publicise information about who supplied them with products contaminated with horse meat.   In a national food policy debate in Scottish Parliament this week, attention turned to the horse meat scandal. Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott was just one of those to…
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Sodexo reacts to horsemeat secrecy claims

SODEXO HAS reacted to claims that it is failing to publicly disclose information relating to the contamination of frozen beef products in its supply chain.   Speaking in the House of Commons last week, shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh stated that Sodexo had “refused publicly to name the products [contaminated with horse DNA…] thereby preventing…
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Editor’s comment: How much contamination is too much?

IT’S BEEN a tough couple of weeks for the British food industry. First, there was the discovery of horse DNA in burgers supplied by food manufacturer ABP to the likes of Burger King and Tesco. Then pork DNA turned up in halal pastries from McColgan Quality Foods and supplied to prisons through distributor 3663. Islamic…
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