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Foodservice forecast: sector worth £56.3bn by 2019

THE UK’S foodservice sector is predicted to grow to £56.3bn by 2019, according to industry consultancy Horizons.                     Speaking at Horizon’s Annual Briefing, Peter Backman, managing director of Horizons, revealed that this growth will be a result of rising household consumption, increasing national wages and falling…
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Balancing desire and ethics

FOOTPRINT ANALYSES the results of the results of three reports to identify the sustainability expectations of diners.                       There was a time when consumers left their ethics at the front door when eating out. Not any more. A combination of everything from macro-economics to the media…
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Rising food prices bring caterers to a crisis point

BUSINESS SQUEEZED by the expense of raw materials are facing tough decisions about changing menus or passing costs on to customers.               In the past few years, food prices seem to have changed more times than I’ve had hot dinners. But the trend has been up. In fact, research this…
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What’s on the menu? Provenance and price increases

WHEN THERE’S a food price spike it’s often played down as a flash in the pan. That’s what happened in 2008. But then there was another spike in 2010 and it’s happening again now. Or is it?   In January, Waitrose’s managing director, Mark Price, warned that price increases in some commodities will be “massive”. After…
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Long-term growth for foodservice expected

THE UK’s foodservice sector will experience long-term growth now the worst of the recession is over, although it will take at least until 2016 to return to food sales levels of 2007.   That’s the prediction of Horizons managing director Peter Backman.   Speaking at the company’s annual briefing – “Success in Challenging Times” –…
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On-the-go gourmet in demand

WHEN IT COMES to food-on-the-go, quality is what people want, according to new research by Horizons.   The latest “Ones to Watch” report shows that the focus remains on established favourites, such as burgers and hot dogs, but with a gourmet edge.   Healthy eating was also identified as a key trend. Nutritious, appetising food…
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More frozen food equals less waste, says BFFF

Consumers and chefs have been urged to buy more frozen food so they waste less food. The latest household food and drink report from the Government shows that households throw away 17% of all food bought. This figure could be slashed if more consumers opted for frozen equivalents instead, says the British Frozen Food Federation…
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The Throwaway Industry? Footprint Forum: 27 May 2010

An expert panel assembled for the third Footprint Forum at Pret A Manager's London headquarter to discuss the environmental impact of packaging in the foodservice supply chain and some of the innovations and initiatives being implemented to counter this. Delegates, including operators, suppliers and distributors, heard panellists acknowledge that whilst cutting down on packaging, food…
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