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More cancers linked to poor diet

The link between poor diet and cancer has become even more compelling after a panel of experts concluded that obesity is a risk factor in eight more cancers than previously thought. The study, carried out by scientists convened by the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), concluded that there was sufficient…
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News in review – health, bees, milk, water and sugar updates

HEALTH. OBESITY has been in the news again this week. New research suggests the obesity crisis could be partly driven by women having fewer children as first born children are 29% more likely to be overweight as adults. Meanwhile, according to new data from Public Health England, up to five million people in England are…
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Research reveals top consumer trends for 2014

LEADING MARKET research company Mintel has released its consumer market trends predictions for 2014, outlining four key areas likely to impact the UK.   Mintel’s latest report examined the areas of commercial opportunity for brands in the coming year, and what consumers will be buying into in 2014. Mintel’s Senior Trends Consultant Richard Cope outlines:  …
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Europeans live longer thanks to environmental policies

SUCCESSFUL ENVIRONMENTAL policies have resulted in reduced exposure to harmful environmental contaminants in air, water and food. As a result, Europeans are generally enjoying longer and healthier lives.   However, some contaminants are still a problem, and several new health risks are emerging, for example, from new chemicals, new products and changing lifestyle patterns.  …
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