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One third of diners rarely think about health when eating out

Over the bank holiday this weekend, many Brits will be taking the opportunity to toast the end of the summer by enjoying a meal out, or ordering a meal in.   However, it seems that what was once a special treat has become a weekly event for many, as new research from Mintel reveals that…
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Research reveals top consumer trends for 2014

LEADING MARKET research company Mintel has released its consumer market trends predictions for 2014, outlining four key areas likely to impact the UK.   Mintel’s latest report examined the areas of commercial opportunity for brands in the coming year, and what consumers will be buying into in 2014. Mintel’s Senior Trends Consultant Richard Cope outlines:  …
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Waste reduction tops F&B 2014 trend list

INNOVA MARKET INSIGHTS has released a top ten food and drink trends list for 2014, which sees reduction of food waste and rebuilding trust take the tops spots for consumer concerns in the coming year.   The big trends for 2014 are expected to largely revolve around consumers adapting their habits in times of austerity,…
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Digesting the diet debate

CAVE PAINTINGS never showed people eating carrots – so the argument for meat eating goes. In fact, humans remained largely carnivorous until fairly recently. Today, our simple gut of a single stomach, medium-length small intestine and short colon is “typical of an omnivore”, explains the dietician Carrie Ruxton in her recent paper: “Micronutrient Challenges Across the…
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Health agenda debated by foodservice industry

REPRESENTATIVES FROM the whole foodservice supply chain gathered yesterday at a summit to discuss the challenges faced by the industry in driving forward the nutrition, health and wellness agenda.                           The industry summit, the first with a whole supply chain focus, headed by…
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