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KFC refusal of alcohol hand wipes highlight gap in knowledge

REPORTS FROM the Leicester Mercury this weekend that a customer was refused hand wipes by staff at a local KFC in case it ‘offended other customers’ because they contained alcohol, has highlighted the gap in knowledge in the foodservice sector on religious dietary needs.                   According to…
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Footprint Comment: Halal….again!

HALAL IS in the news again this week. This time chicken is the target but it might just as well be lamb or anything else.                   This is a boomerang story that continually seems to raise tabloid hackles. The Daily Mail, apoplectic as usual and never missing…
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Takeaway burgers contain horse DNA

TWO BEEFBURGER products sold through takeaways have been found to contain horse DNA.   In its latest round of testing, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed the results for four of the remaining five samples relating to its UK-wide sampling programme of beef products. All five of the products were withdrawn from sale following receipt…
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Butcher takes responsibility for halal chicken contamination

THE BUTCHER who supplied catering firm Chartwells with halel-labelled chicken sausages contaminated with pork has “taken full responsibility” for the supply chain breach.   Westminster City Council (WCC) found traces of pork DNA in the sausages as part of its own proactive testing regime – and not part of the Food Standards Agency’s country-wide tests.…
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An Innocent Smoothie with…David Clarke

PORK HAS been in the news quite a bit of late. Red Tractor's CEO picks up the story, and explains why the assurance scheme has plenty still to offer.                           David Burrows (DB): Good afternoon. You’ve recently teamed up with Jimmy Doherty on…
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Pork found in Halal pasties

THE FOOD Standards Agency (FSA) has called retailers and food suppliers in to an urgent meeting today, Monday 4th February.   The meeting has been organised following the discovery of pork DNA in Halal pies and pasties supplied to jails. Reports also suggest that some of the products, labelled as certified Halal, contained non-Halal meat.…
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