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Independent sector falling behind the agenda

THERE'S A very interesting article in this month’s Footprint highlighting that, in the foodservice arena, it is the larger organisations as opposed to the independents that are leading the way when it comes to effecting the big changes in sustainability. You’d be forgiven for thinking it should be the other way round.      …
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Resting on their laurels

OVER 80% of restaurants would describe their business as green. But let's not get carried away.                         Back in 2008, 59% of restaurants felt that their businesses were green. In 2014 81% believe that’s the case. It’s an impressive jump. The fact that the restaurant…
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Footprint Annual Review: Cheap milk, pricey gas and unethical coffee

THE TOP stories of 2012, from Starbucks' tax travails to rising energy bills and the "greenest Olympics ever".   January/February   With the mince pies sitting heavily around the waistline and the influence of festive parties still coursing through the veins, health and diets are rarely far from the headlines in the new year. And so…
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FootprintComment: What price for energy efficiency?

GRAM UK’s Glenn Roberts outlines the findings of the company’s 2012 survey.                   “THE GREEN Paper 2012 revealed that in 2010, 64% of respondents wanted to be greener, but in 2012 that figure has increased to 78%. However, the number of respondents actually practising green initiatives has…
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Restaurant businesses struggling to go green

RESTAURANTS ARE the least likely foodservice channel to describe their businesses as green. They are also the least likely to have an environmental initiative in place.                     There has also been a general drop in the number of businesses that could cite a green action that…
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Calls for industry info

  RESTAURANT OPERATORS are being urged to take part in the Gram Green Paper report 2012.                             The report will develop a detailed picture of the progress being made in the sector on sustainability issues and the challenges ahead.   Gram, a…
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