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Hiding veggie options away on menus can dent sales

Consumers are 56% less likely to order a plant-based dish when it’s labelled vegetarian and categorised in a separate section on menus, according to new research by the London School of Economics. The experts took a menu with eight main course dishes, of which two were plant-based: risotto primavera and ricotta and spinach ravioli. They…
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Tax firms face fines

Accountants, tax planners and advisors could face tough penalties if they are found to have helped companies avoid tax. Currently tax avoiders face significant financial costs if HMRC defeats them in court. However, those who advised on, or facilitated, the avoidance bear little risk. This could change under the new proposals published this week by…
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Sainsbury’s launches new ‘Food Rescue’ tool

SAINSBURY’S HAS launched a new interactive mobile and online tool, ‘Sainsbury’s Food Rescue’ to give people practical help and inspiration on using up leftover ingredients which may otherwise be thrown away.                   The new tool was developed in partnership with Google and aims to satisfy the public’s…
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My viewpoint

STARBUCKS MIGHT have got the (unwanted) headlines, but independent coffee shops are very much part of one of the UK’s biggest news stories of 2012. phil howells, who part-owns the Manchester coffee shop Caffeine and Co, says it could be the start of a revolution.                     …
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Starbucks to pay more tax

THE ONLY things certain in life are death and taxes. Unless you are Google, Amazon or Starbucks, of course.   But in an “unprecedented” move, the latter has now decided to pay corporation tax in the UK “above what is currently required by tax law”. This means it will “pay or pre-pay approximately £10 million…
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