• GM production made more ‘flexible’

    THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT has passed a new law giving members states greater power to decide whether to produce genetically modified (GM) crops.                     This ruling marks a turnaround for the EU,… Read More

  • Largest study of GM crops announced

    THE WORLD’S largest study into Genetically Modified (GM) food has been announced by a Russian campaign group.                   Working with scientists and specialists, the Russian National Association for Genetic Safety (NAGS) will… Read More

  • The arrival of genetically edited food

    GM TECHNOLOGY has traditionally long been a hard sell.                   Coupling the words “genetic” and “modification” hasn’t helped, and neither has the involvement of big corporate biotech firms. But how about “genetic editing”? The… Read More

  • GM free-for-all

    CHANGES TO European laws and a labelling battle in the US have brought GM back in the spotlight. But will freedom to choose boost organic sales?                 There’s rarely a dull moment in… Read More

  • DEFRA leadership key to long-term UK food security, say MP’s

    EXTREME WEATHER events and increased demand for foodstuffs from emerging economies such as China need DEFRA leadership to guarantee the UK’s long-term food security, say MPs.                           Launching… Read More

  • British Poultry Council calls for growth in the UK poultry market

    THE BRITISH Poultry Council has called for all candidates of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections to see themselves as facilitators of growth in the UK poultry market.                          … Read More

  • Frankenfood debate lurches back into life

    GENETICALLY MODIFIED crops are on the agenda again as supporters raise fears the EU’s hostility could mean missing out on major benefits.                   Genetically modified food is firmly back on the agenda. After… Read More

  • GM Potatoes ‘blight resistant’

    BRITISH SCIENTISTS have published research revealing a new strain of genetically modified (GM) potatoes has been developed that can resist blight.                   EU approval is now needed before commercial cultivation of the… Read More

  • My Viewpoint: Steve Osborne looks at lab burgers and GM

    IT’S BEEF, but not as we know it. Steve Osborne takes a look at whether the public will see lab burgers in the same light as GM food.                        … Read More

  • Environment Secretary urges UK to embrace GM

    IN A speech this morning [Thursday 20th June] Owen Paterson, the environment secretary, called for the UK public to back Genetically Modified (GM) crop production, claiming that Europe was falling behind the rest of the world.   Paterson pointed to… Read More