George Osborne

  • The political print

    IT’S BEEN four years since the coalition promised to become the “greenest government ever”.                      Hindsight is a wonderful thing and a lot has changed. It has gone from that statement… Read More

  • McDonald’s serves the UK its new report

    MCDONALD’S UK has released a new economic reports entitled ‘Serving the UK: McDonald’s at 40’ which looks at the positive contribution McDonald’s has made to its people, to communities and to the national economy over the last 40 years.  … Read More

  • Team up to beat the energy price squeeze

    THIS YEAR’S budget did little to help caterers struggling with rising bills but the industry can group together to get a better deal, writes Jonathan Senior.                   There’s no doubt that the… Read More

  • UK voters tell politicians to pull their weight on environment

      UK VOTERS have delivered a stark warning to our political leaders not to neglect environment and climate change policy with the next General Election little more than a year away, according to new research commissioned by WWF-UK ahead of… Read More

  • Osborne’s budget: Good news for the drinks industry

    GEORGE OSBORNE’S 2014 budget was celebrated by the drinks industry yesterday as he announced cuts to the cost of beer and a freeze on the duty of cider and spirits.                   Osborne… Read More

  • Let’s take the lead on climate change

    EXTREME WEATHER is an increasing threat to global food production but strong leadership was lacking from politicians at the UN climate conference. Foodservice now has a chance to set the agenda, says David Read.            … Read More

  • Vote blue, turn green

    FROM ‘GREENEST government ever’ to ‘get rid of all the green crap’ – so what are Cameron’s true colours?                           Though you might disagree with its regular criticism… Read More

  • Labour’s vision for a green economic future

    NEW STATESMAN article by shadow chancellor Ed Balls MP   Tonight, at the annual Green Alliance debate, I will join an audience of business leaders, environmental campaigners and scientists to discuss Britain’s energy future.   Ten years ago, if you… Read More

  • MP’s urged to vote green not gas

    ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS have urged Liberal Democrat and Conservative MPs to back the green economy rather than a “dash for gas” in a critical Parliament vote tomorrow, June 4th.   On Tuesday, the much-delayed Energy Bill returns to Parliament. The Bill… Read More

  • Supersize ban hits stumbling block

    THE INTRODUCTION of a ban on large sugary drinks in New York has stalled with a judge having declared it “arbitrary and capricious”. Meanwhile, the UK is facing a similar public health u-turn with the government stumbling in its bid… Read More