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Hats off to the Government

Easter bunnies, bitter blows and the thirst for more of the same. David Burrows reflects on the story of the sugar tax so far. In february all the talk was about the rabbit the prime minister might pull out of his negotiating hat in Brussels. That one never materialised (his new deal with the EU…
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Analysis: Can foodservice solve the productivity conundrum?

George Osborne is renowned for his ability to put a positive spin on the most ambiguous of statistics, but not even the Chancellor can find a favourable frame for the UK’s dismal productivity figures. Recent ONS data showed Britain as having one of the worst levels of productivity among the G7 countries, with only Japan…
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No such thing as a free lunch

NICK HUGHES assesses the five things we have learned about the hotly debated free school meals policy. It's just over a year since the coalition government rolled out its universal infant free school meals (UIFSM) programme whereby all government-funded schools must offer free school meals to every pupil in reception, year 1 and year 2.   The…
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News review

Crisis at DEFRA With spending cuts in the region of 30% announced in this week’s spending review, it’s no surprise that DEFRA staff are feeling a little blue. A survey of staff at the department revealed that less than a third (31%) think it is well-managed, and even less (18%) have confidence in its approach…
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DEFRA budget slashed

THE DEPARTMENT for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs has agreed to cut its budget by 30% by 2020. Given that the department has already had its resources cut to the bone, some observers are wondering whether it can survive another round of swingeing cuts.   In the 2010 spending review, the department was required to…
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Green credentials of spending review to be assessed

THE TREASURY’S Spending Review process is to be audited by the National Audit Office for its environmental impact. The NAO will, for the first time, assess whether the review process acts as an effective medium-term spending and planning tool in relation to the government’s environmental protection and sustainable development objectives.   The NAO’s work will,…
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Living wage debate dominates budget

GEORGE OSBORNE used the first Conservative budget in 20 years to introduce a new national living wage. Starting next April at £7.20, it will rise to £9 by 2020. Osborne said companies should be able to afford the cost of the living wage because of cuts to corporation tax, which will drop to 18% from…
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Funding for future energy technology announced

THE CHANCELLOR George Osborne has pledged £60m in investment for the Birmingham Energy Systems Catapult to help drive innovation in future energy technologies.                           The centre has been picked for the flagship project which will work to “exploit commercial opportunities for new products…
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Hospitality sector enjoys budget boost

CHANCELLOR GEORGE Osborne has announced plans to allow farmers to average out their income across five years in a measure that could amount to a tax saving of £100 million.                     In the spring budget, Osborne revealed that self-employed farmers would enjoy the benefits of an…
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