• TUCO supports Go Green Week

    THE UNIVERSITY Caterer’s Organisation (TUCO) is proud to support the 2014 Go Green Week initiative (10 – 16 February), which sees universities up and down the country commit to developing environmentally-friendly policies across campus.   The aim of Go Green… Read More

  • Cut off the gas

    PIERRE GERBER from the Food and Agriculture Organisation talks about his new report on emissions from livestock farming.   David Burrows (DB): Livestock production seems to be a big emitter of greenhouse gases, but what are the main sources?  … Read More

  • Record entries to the Health & Vitality Honours 2014

    RECORD LEVELS of entries have been announced for this year’s Health & Vitality Honours, highlighting the huge strides being made in the foodservice sector amid changing attitudes towards health, nutrition and wellbeing across the industry.          … Read More

  • Separation anxiety

    FOOD AND hospitality companies in Scotland should not be afraid of new laws requiring them to separate their food waste. Footprint reports from the Food Waste 2013 conference in Edinburgh.                    … Read More

  • Talking sustainable fish, at low cost with Ruth Westcott

    THE MARINE STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL’S commercial officer talks to Footprint at The University Caterers Organisation conference in Wales.                           Anya Hart Dyke (AHD): Good morning Ruth. Your presentation at… Read More

  • “Unleash your creativity to drive the health agenda forward” urges chair of the Responsibility Deal

    “DON’T FEEL restrained by the Government’s Responsibility Deal current pledges, unleash your own creativity in your quest to move the nutrition, health and wellness agenda on.” – that was the message to the foodservice industry from Dr Susan Jebb, OBE,… Read More

  • Making the most of beef

    EVER HEARD of featherblade?                           It’s a forequarter cut of beef traditionally used for braising. How about a D-rump? That’s a large cut from the top of the leg… Read More

  • McDonald’s opens supply chain to customer

    MCDONALD’S HAS had a “phenomenal response” to a new supply chain initiative launched just under a month ago.   The fast food chain is looking for a dozen willing customers to become “quality scouts”, who will go behind the scenes… Read More

  • FootprintComment: Paul Williams of the Well Hung Meat Company explains why we need to eat “less but better” meat

    THE IDEA of eating less meat has been a difficult one for politicians, businesses and consumers to swallow. But a more sensible debate is emerging and even meat companies are promoting the need to eat “less but better” meat, as… Read More

  • Caterers buying more green products

    GREEN CLEANING products are more popular than they were five years ago, according to new research.   Almost two thirds (60%) of 750 businesses quizzed in an independent survey said they buy more eco-friendly cleaning products now than in 2008.… Read More