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    On the cover: The Glyphos-gate affair; Reviews: Dutch diets & food fraud; Research: The food market of the future, according to consumers; Marketing: Tesco’s false farm; Politics: Disjointed policy thinking on food; Sugar tax: is this just the beginning of tough regulation?; Insight: Why food firms… Read More

  • Public Health Minister Guest Editor for Footprint Magazine

    PUBLIC HEALTH Minister, Jane Ellison, is guest editing the November issue of Footprint magazine.                   Featuring an exclusive thought leadership article on the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal, the special edition will… Read More

  • Foodservice industry called on to increase health and wellbeing policies

    FOOTPRINT AND Eating Better join forces to engage businesses on showcasing best practice around sustainable diets and the cost effectiveness it can deliver.                     Senior officials representing the UK’s leading foodservice… Read More

  • Your waistline, your problem

    CRITICS NEED to cut chefs a bit of slack when it comes to healthy food. While information and transparency on what’s in meals can always be improved, responsibility for the growing waistlines of most Brits should not be laid at the… Read More

  • Record numbers tune into FootprintChannel.TV to hear new waste figures

    LEADING SENIOR professionals from foodservice and hospitality businesses across the UK, including Hilton International, McDonald’s, Carillion, Coca-Cola, the House of Lords and The Greater London Authority tuned into the latest FootprintChannel.TV live broadcast to hear new figures on food waste in… Read More

  • Something to fear

    FOODSERVICE OPERATORS are concerned about inconsistencies when it comes to nutritional labelling on menus. Footprint is therefore working with industry leaders and government on how to adapt the Responsibility Deal pledge.                  … Read More