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Bournemouth and Poole named as UK’s first Sustainable Fish City

THE MAJORITY of restaurants and catering outlets across Bournemouth and Poole have pledged to use fish species from the Marine Conservation Society's green-rated list of most sustainable species, and avoid using those from the endangered and red-rated list.                       Campaign group Sustain gave Bouremouth and…
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On Labour’s agenda: food equality and tougher rules on HFSS

TOUGHER FOOD regulation and food equality is expected in the UK if Labour is elected next year.                     During a debate on ‘Making an affordable nutritious food system accessible to all’ at last month’s Food Matters show in London, Debbie Abrahams, a member of the shadow…
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Public health at top of Soil Association agenda

LEADING EXPERTS from education and the public health sector gathered last week at the annual Soil Association conference, under that banner ‘Good Food for All’.   The conference, which took place on from the 9th-10th October in London, focused on the central theme that food can cut across local and national government silos like no…
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One million pounds to tackle obesity, food poverty and climate change in UK cities

ONE MILLION pounds is to be invested in the UK’s first ‘Sustainable Food Cities’ programme to use good food to address some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental problems including obesity, food poverty and climate change. The programme aims to transform access to local, affordable and sustainable food for people across the country…
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Getting change on the table…fast

PERSUADING PEOPLE to eat sustainably could take time that we don't have. The government's Green Food Project is tackling the big question of what to do right now.   What will our food industry look like in 2050? It’s a fascinating debate and one that everyone has an opinion on. But the bottom line is always the…
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