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Nudge or be pushed

THE LIGHT-TOUCH approach to healthy food policy concerns campaigners, but the government and food businesses are now in contact more than ever – and it’s making a difference, Phil Hooper tells David Burrows.    It's no secret the coalition government likes to nudge rather than push. Nudging, an idea popularised by academics Richard Thaler and Cass…
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Meat needs higher value, says WWF

PLACING GREATER value on meat could help to cut consumption with knock-on benefits for the environment and health, according to a new report published by WWF-UK and the Food Ethics Council (FEC).     High meat consumption has been associated with a number of factors related to important challenges facing the global food system, including…
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Farms of the future

FIFTY YEARS ago this month the book ‘Silent Spring’ kick-started the environmental movement and changed the way we grow our food. As climate change and population growth exert growing pressure, what will the next generation of farms look like?    This month marks the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”. Al Gore credits the…
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Hard choice to swallow

POLITICIANS FEAR the idea. Environmentalists love it. Consumers don’t understand it. And businesses are beginning to trial it. David Burrows investigates the controversial concept of sustainable diets.   Obesity and diet-related illness are on the increase. Fewer young people are being taught how to cook or grow food. And advertisers are targeting kids with junk…
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New survey by the Food Ethics Council

THE FOOD Ethics Council is running a month-long online survey to help with its 'Beyond Business As Usual' project, which aims to move the UK towards a fair, healthy and sustainable food and farming system.                  In order to achieve this important aim, the first thing we need to do…
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