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Bigger fines for food fraud

THE EUROPEAN Commission wants to impose “truly dissuasive” fines in a bid to combat food fraud.   The proposal is part of a package of food safety measures published this week.   Health commissioner Tonio Borg said the package would simplify the rules for safer food, but also strengthen them. The changes come at an…
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Caterers criticised over horse meat

CATERERS HAVE again come under fire for their part in the horse meat scandal.   Lord Haskins, the former boss at Northern Foods, said caterers had “pretty haphazard” systems in place to manage their supply chains.   Speaking at the “Assuring the Integrity of the Food Chain” conference, organised by the Food and Environment Research…
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Battle for honeybees continues

THE GOVERNMENT is at the centre of storm brewing between environmentalists and agri-chemical companies over the use of some pesticides.                     Neonicotinoids are commonly used in Europe to control pests on oilseed rape and other crops. Environmental campaigners and organic groups believe they are harming honeybee…
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